Simultaneous Time: All Is Now



Simultaneous time is the principle that everything exists now. Your past, present and future.


Simultaneous time is a construct of 5th dimensional consciousness, which is also known as Soul-level consciousness.
In this state of consciousness, you are one with your Soul.
When you access simultaneous time, you understand that all possibilities exist now. You realize that you are not bound by some of the conditions imposed upon you in linear time.
You feel the support of your Soul.
You can make Soul-level choices. And detach from the constructs of the ego.


In this 9-minute guided meditation, you will access 5th dimensional simultaneous time and:
  • Feel the wisdom of your Soul and the majesty of your Divine Self (a more evolved aspect of your Soul)
  • Experience that all is now
  • Be able to make decisions from this state of being and watch how things unfold


You can listen to this meditation as many times as you would like to re-center yourself and remember the powerful being you are.
Or listen below via SoundCloud