Radiant Moon Priestess!

Here is a beautiful Full Moon + Spring Equinox Activation for you.

You can read it, download it as an MP3, or listen to it here via SoundCloud. It’s about 3 minutes long.




The sound of the waves crashing in my heart

The roar of the Lioness within

I reach upwards and feel the light around me


I feel my feet planted solidly on Mother Earth

Feel my deep connection with this Planet and Her rhythm

I walk knowing that I belong here


I look up to the Heavens and see my place amongst the stars

I feel the support of my ancestors as I walk my life

I understand my place as both human and Divinity


I invite in the potent power of the Full Moon and the Spring Equinox

Feel the extra support for Creation, for Voice, for Story

For Balance, For Truth


In this expanded, powerful place, I feel the courage within to move forward

I feel the light of my Inner Priestess

I feel the support of the Priestesshood


The roar of the Lioness within propels me forward

I will not be stopped

I am Growing, Blooming, Being Re-Born


I am the Full Moon

I am the Equinox


I Belong Here

I am Needed Here

As Me




Or listen below via SoundCloud