Do you have a beautiful business and body of work that you desire to grow? Does growing your presence on Facebook and Instagram, especially with ads, feel like the next step in your marketing efforts?

If so, you’ve come to the right place.


My name is Alyssa Johnson, and I’m a Facebook ads consultant. I help heart-based entrepreneurs grow their businesses with Facebook and Instagram ads. I work with entrepreneurs who are committed to creating real change on the planet – ushering in a new paradigm of love, respect, and equality.

Together, you and I will use Facebook and Instagram ads to spread powerful, love-based messages that grow your business through integrity and empowerment.

My Services

I offer the following ad and consulting services for Facebook and Instagram.

Email List-Building Ads

Ads that build your email list. These types of ad campaigns can look like you offering something of value in exchange for someone’s email address or they can be ads for some type of online challenge or offering that you’re doing for people. To sign up for the challenge or offering, people give you their email address.


Evergreen Ads

These are ads for content that doesn’t have an expiration date. For example, perhaps you pre-record a webinar that’s shown at the same time everyday. You can run continuous ads for people to sign up to watch the webinar. This is an evergreen offering because there’s no expiration date and you’re not tying the content to a specific event.


Sales Ads

These are ads that are created for the purpose of selling a product or service.

Retargeting Ads

These are ads that are sent to your warm audience after they have engaged with your business in some way. For example, you may be running sales ads. Facebook’s pixel can track who looked at your sales page, but didn’t buy. You can run a retargeting ad to folks who saw your sales page, but didn’t buy.


Brand Awareness Ads

These are ads that are shown to folks to education them about your business, as well as keeping your business on their minds. These types of ads can be shown to folks who already know you, as well as folks who have never heard of you. These ads are a great way to build goodwill and trust with your followers.


Consulting Services

I offer consulting services for people who run their own Facebook ads and want experienced eyes on them for feedback and help. If you’re interested in signing up for an hour-long consulting session with me, please click here.