Rooting to Rise in Your Sacred Work Spring Equinox Virtual Workshop

It’s that time of the year. The buds are starting to grow, the seeds are sprouting, the birds are returning north. It’s time to emerge from our winter hibernation and come out into the world.

With the return of spring, Linda Katz and Alyssa Johnson are bringing you Rooting to Rise in Your Sacred Work Spring Equinox Virtual Workshop on Monday, March 19th at 2pm cst. In this 2.5-hour virtual workshop held via Zoom, you’ll get a chance to root deeper into Mother Earth in order to grow upwards and reach for your dreams.

Just as the roots of a tree grow deeper and become more interconnected in order to hold the tree up in the world, you’ll explore where you need to root more deeply in your being in order to take your next steps.

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Would you like to write a book, but fear putting your voice into the world? You’ll look at that fear and see how you can dance with it so that it becomes your ally when writing.

Would you like to ask for a promotion at work, but feel inadequate? You’ll root into yourself more deeply and feel those places where you are more than enough so that you have the confidence and courage to ask for a raise.

Who you think you are informs your beliefs about yourself and the world around you.

You’ll sink into your beliefs, touch the depths of your heart to feel your greatness, and then choose your actions from a place of deep love and self-respect.
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And you’ll play with the feeling of Embodied Strength.

When you are committed to yourself and your dreams, what does that strength feel like? Can you feel joyful while standing in your strength? Can you feel soft and vulnerable while standing in your strength?

In our time together, and in the Soul searching questions we will send you beforehand, you will play with feelings in your body, allow yourself to feel duality within your system, see if you can reconcile seemingly irreconcilable feelings.

And then during the workshop, using the Qs as guidance, we’ll help you get clear on what it is that you need to root in more deeply so that you can grow in the world. Where do you need more support so that you can reach upwards? Where are your creative desires starting to sprout so you can nurture and fertilize those blossoming areas?

Just as the tree roots firmly into Mother Earth before shooting upwards to reach for the light, you’ll root into your being so that you can grow upwards in ways that feel nourishing and balanced.

Praise For Our Workshops From Fellow Priestesses:

“If you would have asked me a year ago if I’d want to join a Winter Solstice Soulful Strategy Workshop I may have looked perplexed. Let me tell you, that’s exactly what I did today. It was life affirming, inspiring, and oh so refreshing! I’m now excited to step into my next chapter. Fearful, yes. Vulnerable, yes. But I’m diving in anyway.”  — Rachel Marie

Join Linda and Alyssa and other radiant women for a springtime exploration of self in our Rooting to Rise in Your Sacred Work Spring Equinox Virtual Workshop.

A portion of the proceeds from our event will be donated to the Plant A Billion Trees organization, a part of The Nature Conservancy non-profit.
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