Honoring Life Through the
Power of the Priestesshood


About Me

I am a teacher and channeler who is passionate about returning the Priestesshood to the planet. As a Priestess, I am walking the heroine’s journey – a journey of intuition, connection to Mother Earth, honoring the body’s intelligence, and experiencing the joys and sorrows of life. I am committed to expanding Love on this planet and walking with reverence and kindness towards others. I strive to source from myself by providing myself with unconditional love and support. I am committed to making this world a safer, more loving place for future generations.

Bringing the Priestesshood Back to the Planet

Bringing the Priestesshood Back to the Planet

Join Archangel Ariel, the guides and me as we work with Mother Earth in the higher realms to bring more stability and love to the planet.

Do you want to help humanity evolve?
Do you want to help us move into a world of cooperation, harmony, respect, and peaceful co-existence?
Do you want to work in co-creation with Mother Earth to create a more loving planet?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, join Mother Earth, the Light Beings, and me for our monthly Planetary Alignment Collective channeling.

Individual Channelings

Join me in a one-on-one meditative journey as I channel Archangel Ariel who will provide you personalized information to help you move forward.

In a private session, you can bring your questions, issues, concerns, and things you’d like guidance on and Archangel Ariel and I will work together to provide you with information to move forward.

I will channel Archangel Ariel who will provide information as she sees it from her perspective. After the channeling is finished, you may ask questions and I’ll continue to tune into the guides and answer anything that’s coming up for you. Sessions are up to 90-minutes long. Make sure you are in a quiet, comfortable location for our call. You may also want to have pen and paper nearby to take notes.

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Channeling Downloads

Nourish yourself with the wisdom of Archangel Ariel and the other light beings.

Browse through a selection of pre-recorded channelings on a range of topics. Choose the channeling(s) that feels right for you based on what you need. Each channeling has a corresponding description and let’s you know how long the channeling is. Allow yourself to feel supported with these beautiful messages from the guides.

Love from Clients

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